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Creating Sacred Space: Spending the Day with the Divine. Sunday, February 7, 2021; 12pm – 3pm; $50 

Join us for a three-hour virtual workshop and learn how to create a sacred space in your home or personal sanctuary. Spend the day with the Divine smudging and purifying your sacred space, pouring a libation to your ancestors, caring for your candles and arranging beautiful flowers to create the perfect spiritual altar.

Once we have created our sacred space we will enter the Holy of Holies of our Hearts and immerse ourselves in a Universal Life Force Chakra Meditation to awaken and enliven the seven main energy centers of the body known as chakras (Sanskrit for wheel) and experience the Divine within.

All participants are asked to download the Zoom App ( onto their computer, phone or electronic device in order to receive the Zoom link and password which will be sent one hour (1) prior to the start of the workshop.

Workshop Supplies (optional)

You are welcome to bring the following items to this event but they are not a requirement to participate in the Creating Sacred Space Workshop.

  • White Altar Cloth
  • Small Table or Space to Create Your Altar
  • Representation of the 5 Basic Elements:
  • Water – Small Clear Bowl of Water
  • Air – Bird Feather/Smudge Feather
  • Fire – White 7-Day/Tea Light Candle
  • Ether – Incense, Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Earth – Fresh Flowers, White Mountain Sage, Sand, Potting Soil
  • Personal Comfort:  Pillow, Floor Cushion, Blanket, Prayer Shawl, Special Clothing
  • Sound:  Soft Devotional Music, Wind Chimes, Water Fountain, Silence
  • Touch:  Clear Crystal, Prayer Beads, Rosaries
  • Sight:  Pictures/Symbols of God, Deities, Family, Friends, Pets
  • Libation Items: Empty Bowl/Plant, 4oz Glass of Water
  • Smudge Items: Small Ceramic Bowl, Sand, Sage, Smudge Feather/Wand



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