Winter Solstice Cleanse

From Fear To Freedom: A Winter Solstice Cleanse Monday, December 13th through Tuesday, December 21st. Required Orientation: Sunday December 5, 2021, 1pm - 5pm. Join us for our Winter Solstice Cleanse and immerse yourself in 9 days of purification and transformation as you discover and discard physical, emotional and spiritual energy that no longer serves [...]

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Winter Solstice Cleanse

Forgiving Abandonment and Rejection: Focusing On Self-Care While Navigating the New Normal. Sunday, December 13th – Monday, December 21st.  Required Orientation: Sunday, December 6, 2020. 1pm – 5pm; Fee: $100 As we approach the end of 2020 we also are approaching the end of an era. The unexpected illness, loss of life, quarantines, sheltering-in-place, new [...]

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