Entering the Holy of Holies refers to the Ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) practice of communing with God at the deepest level possible within the Inner Sanctum, the most sacred part of the human heart, and merging with Holy Spirit (God) through the power of prayer, meditation and contemplation.

Entering the Holy of Holies, An Institute of Learning and Healing, Inc. (ETHOH) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) spiritual and educational organization whose mission is to provide Meditation, Healing and Spiritual Tools for Transformation that balance the Spirit, Mind and Body to individuals seeking personal growth and spiritual development, regardless of faith or religious affiliation.

ETHOH sponsors various Meditation Workshops, Classes, Seasonal Cleanses, Retreats and West African Dance Classes for women and men to teach people how to heal their hearts and recreate their lives in love.

We believe that world peace is possible and that it must first be inspired, nurtured and developed within each individual before we to see it on a global scale. Entering the Holy of Holies, Inc. is one way to begin the peace process.

Everyone is always welcome.

Board of Directors
Nafisa Sharriff/President
Marion Z. Dillard/Treasurer
Angela Harmon/Secretary

The Ankh is an ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) hieroglyphic symbol meaning Eternal and Everlasting Life.